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    New Google Iphone App

    Can't wait to try this new app and see how good the voice recognition software works.


    Am I Missing Something?

    The government is providing Goldman Sachs, Citi and others 10 billion or so as part of the bailout package which is fine if the money actually does some good and stimulates the economy. However, the banks are still going to be distributing huge bonuses at the end of the year, albeit less than the record bonuses distributed last year.

    Why should they be receiving a bailout of 10 billion if they will be paying out almost that much in bonuses? So they say the bonuses are down 30-50% from last year...they should be down 100%! The two heads of Goldman will still receive 40 million give or take 5-10 million off of the record 65 million they received last year. Is it just me or is this wrong?


    The Pepsi Social Media Generation

    Not sure how it is going to make people drink more Pepsi but the recently launched campaign to introduce their new logo via social media thought leaders was an interesting approach. Looks like new CMO Dave Burwick is going to be focusing on digital marketing initiatives as he looks to energize the Pepsi brands. Here is the story courtesy of Darryl Parker.


    Maple Leafs

    I really like the work Taxi 2 Toronto did on the new ads promoting the Toronto Maple Leafs who were recently named the most valuable NHL franchise by Forbes. Kudos to Tom Anselmi of the Leafs who I have known for a number of years. Here is a link to the :60 spot.



    Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida seal the election for it's time to get to work and plan how to fix the problems that plague this great country!