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    Not Done Yet...

     My beloved Red Sox pulled a late inning rally last night to come back from a 7-0 deficit and win the game 8-7 on a single to right field by J.D. Drew driving in Kevin Youkilis. See the highlights via

    Red Sox Rally to Win Game 5


    Obama and Video Games

     The Obama campaign is using in-game video advertising to reach the younger demo to promote his change message. Massive and IGA delivering in-game ads in a number of popular gaming titles....


    MLB-ALCS Games Streamed

     As we witnessed with the Olympics, allowing the streaming of live sports does not hurt the television ratings....slowly leagues and rights holders will figure this out and make the content available as widely as possible. Obviously, streaming the games only at airports via Boingo is not opening the flood is a start and once things begin they tend to become more widely accepted. Here is the link from paidContent...

    MLBAM Makes Some Postseason Games Available Online—But Only To Boingo Customers In Some Airports


    Passion & Artistry

    I spent the better part of three hours last Friday evening sampling 12 wines from Manfred Krankl's amazing winery Sine Qua Non. If you haven't had the opportunity to drink these fantastic cult wines you need to get you hands on some. When it comes to wine making Manfred is a true genius. We sampled the following:

     White Flight                    04 Rejuvenator               05 Petition                    

     Pinot Flight                     04 Covert Fingers           05 Over and Out          

    Grenache Flight               04 Into the Dark              05 Atlantis 1A              

    Syrah Flight                    02 Just for the Love of It   03 Papa                        

                                         04 Poker Face                  05 Atlantis 2B

    Desert Flight                  01 Straw Man                                                        

    My favorites of the night were the 04 Poker Face, 04 Into the Dark, 05 Over and Out and 01 Straw Man. I am amazed that one man can turn out so much great wine with grapes from various sources. Manfred is true artist when it comes to wine.



    Received my copy of Tribes last night from Seth Godin. It is Seth's new book about leadership and how fear prohibits people from taking chances to do something remarkable. All it takes is one person to start a movement, create something exciting, further a great cause...

    Check out his website that supports and provides a tool for his thoughts in the book.