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    Attention to Details

    So I am watching ESPN last night...I believe it was the end of a college basketball game and during the break I am interrupted by a commercial advertising their software that will help you speed up your PC...that's right it only works on PC's. So what do they show during the first 5-10 seconds and the last 5 seconds of the guessed it, a young guy talking about the product as he is working on his iMac, yes iMac...the product isn't compatible with Apple's hardware and/or software...what is the agency who put produced these ads thinking? Or maybe Ascentive created them in-house and were just too dumb to realize what they were doing?

    Ascentive does have a product for Mac's but it is not mentioned in the spot and they have specific overlays saying the product they are promoting will only work with PC's. Sloppy...



    Wrigley Rooftops

    Will the deal the Cubs made with the roof top owners surrounding the iconic baseball park come back to haunt them and their new owner the Ricketts Family? Lewis Lazare reports in the Sun Times today that several roof top owners have joined together and are working with a local agency to conduct joint promotions throughout the upcoming Cubs season. Talk about a potential ambush of the official Cubs sponsors...will the Cubs go back and try to amend their deal with the roof top owners that see them receive a yearly fee based on potential ticket revenue? Will there be new signage on the rooftops that will be visible by those sitting inside the park? Lots of questions.

    Read the entire article here:

    Remodeling the Wrigley rooftops



    Is Twitter monetizing the new "Featured user"box on the right rail of the search results page? Search for anything via the new search now window in the top navigation and you should see it once the results are shown.


    Skittles Follow Up

    Boy that didn't take long...according to Laurie Sullivan at Mediapost Skittles has pulled the campaign I mentioned in my post yesterday. Actually, they have just changed the landing page to Facebook and you can still get to the Twitter page by using the navigation overlay. How does the saying go? "Live by the sword die by the sword"! Let's see what kind of appetite the Skittles brand team and their senior leadership have for these types of conversations good or bad.



    Skittles has decided to abandon the typical product website most packaged goods companies build out for their brands in favor of a site that basically points to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr. A navigation overlay rests on top of the landing page which in my case was the Twitter search page with Skittles results pre-loaded.

    Basically Skittles is saying we agree with marketing as an ongoing conversation between the brand and their customers, even if some of those conversations are negative. Using social media to this extent is risky and leading edge, but I am predicting that many others brands will incorporate parts of this concept into their websites.